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Q. I thought only BluRay 3D could be shown on the new 3D TVs. What is this side by side format?

A. Properly formatted DVDs, with true 3D content can be played on 3D television sets. The side by side format is the same that was used recently for the 2012 London Olympics, and other 3D sports programming.

Q. What about the image quality of DVD compared to BluRay?

A. When a DVD is played on a BluRay player through the HDMI cable, the image is upresed to 1080x1920. The quality is not as good as a true BlyRay, but is significantly better than when played on a conventional set. You've probably seen DVDs played on BluRay players on modern flat screens, it is much improved. For these DVDs, it is the same quality difference, plus the added benefit of true 3D since it was filmed in 3D and High Def in the first place. This is not a "conversion". We all know how lousy those look.

Q. Why do you call it "future proof"?

A. Right now, there are more DVD players in the world than BluRay players, and more 2D HDTV sets than 3D, but that will change. DVDs play on BluRay players very well. When you get your new 3D set, this will play on it. Beyond that, who knows what the next format(s) will be. You can't future proof forever.

Q. Do you ship outside the US?

A. Since the DVDs are NTSC (the American standard) they are intended primarily for the U.S. For shipping outside the United States, please contact me at tk3dmaker@gmail.com.

Q. Are these some kind of cheap “burn on your own computer” DVDs?

A. No. These are professionally replicated by a state of the art facility in Los Angeles.

Q. On the demo trailer I saw on YouTube, I viewed the 3D with red/green (actually red/cyan) glasses. Is this how I will see it on my TV?

A. NO. The red/cyan is a cheap way of viewing 3D on your computer screen without any expensive hardware/software. It is for demonstration purposes only. The DVDs contain what is called side-by-side squeezed images. On your 3D television set, you select "3D" with your remote, then select side by side. The 3D TV screen then displays the combined 3D image which you view through the TVs 3D glasses in full color.